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Los Angeles, CA
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We are a band of thinkers, tinkerers, creators, and innovators. Our mission is to build schools where conscious thought is taught. Utilizing abandoned materials, recyclables, and the Earth itself as a resource (abundant on every corner of the planet), we lead a series of building workshops that result in creating modest earthen venues. Natural buildings can serve as classrooms, studios, greenhouses, showcase models, or even dwelling space. Each one fully customizable to it's environment and intention. Our vision is to setup many of these living classrooms with a conscious curriculum that empowers students to become artisans and teachers themselves, spreading conscious education like a ripple effect.



We are an agency of creative doers

Consultation • Implementation • Stewardship • Education


Bonzai Holmes BUILDER, FACILITATOr, educator

Born in RVA, has trotted across the globe learning other ways to live simply. 

He is a builder on a shoestring. A minimalist teacher. 

A steward of the land.

Adam Junod farmer, designer, experientialist

We are on a precipice. There is no time like the present to embrace adaptation. We are creative, connected, vast, beautiful humans, and its time to practice what we preach. Radical open source is social revolution.

Aesthetics and Marketing • Permaculture Design • Agrarian Systems • Experientialist


Student of Environmental Education and Activism, Permaculture, Regenerative Design, and Systems Theory. Certified in Leave No Trace, Wilderness First Aid, and Permaculture Design. Supporter of Community Resilience, Cooperative Organizational Structures, Positive Social Change, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, and the dispersal of beneficial knowledge.

Marysia Miernowska HErbalist, educator, biodynamic gardener, designer

Medicine Woman rooted in the wise woman tradition of healing and plant spirit medicine, I train apprentices in herbal healing, plant shamanism and earth magic as director of The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education California. With a background in intentional community design and as a Green Witch who worships and serves nature, working with her cycles, I co create edible and medicinal gardens using permaculture and biodynamic practices. A mother and teacher, it is my passion to empower the youth and connect people to nature and magic within and around themselves. Earth activist, medicine maker, devotee of Gaia. 

Lu Thain SOLAR design

Born and raised as a woman of the world with familial and community roots in the city of Independence, Philadelphia. Fearless wanderer and avid seeker of knowledge and experience with the strong desire to manifest sacred spaces of learning for others. Passionate practitioner of survivalism and house witchery- a benevolent sorceress of hearth and haven guided by an astral roadmap.


I am a Healer, a Teacher, and a Builder- but really, teaching and building are methods for healing... I remove obstacles, hold space, exercise patience- and I witness the healing process as it reveals itself.  I am creating the space for people to heal their bodies, minds and souls, and their relationships with themselves, their communities and the earth.  This is my life's work and it's the awesomest job ever.