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Los Angeles, CA
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We are a band of thinkers, tinkerers, creators, and innovators. Our mission is to build schools where conscious thought is taught. Utilizing abandoned materials, recyclables, and the Earth itself as a resource (abundant on every corner of the planet), we lead a series of building workshops that result in creating modest earthen venues. Natural buildings can serve as classrooms, studios, greenhouses, showcase models, or even dwelling space. Each one fully customizable to it's environment and intention. Our vision is to setup many of these living classrooms with a conscious curriculum that empowers students to become artisans and teachers themselves, spreading conscious education like a ripple effect.


Here are some frequently asked questions. You can submit your own question with this button, or send an email directly through our contact page.  

So, this is a school?

Sort of! Our Artizens work together in harmony much like a school of fish. We are craftspeople and educators. We swim and work together, like fish. It's also a school in the sense of lots of learning going on! We teach people how to build earthen venues, grow food, rethink consumption values, and develop restorative agriculture systems as land improvements. We build spaces as a learning experience, and the spaces can become earthen venues for more learning. Its a cycle of teaching and learning and the student becoming the master.

where are you located?

Our Artizens live all over the country and represent their bioregion. We are developing relationships with land owners in Los Angeles, Central Oregon, Philadelphia, and Big Island, Hawaii.

I want to be involved! i have Capital, land, skills, and/or resources.

Awesome! Contact us and lets start a conversation.