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We are a band of thinkers, tinkerers, creators, and innovators. Our mission is to build schools where conscious thought is taught. Utilizing abandoned materials, recyclables, and the Earth itself as a resource (abundant on every corner of the planet), we lead a series of building workshops that result in creating modest earthen venues. Natural buildings can serve as classrooms, studios, greenhouses, showcase models, or even dwelling space. Each one fully customizable to it's environment and intention. Our vision is to setup many of these living classrooms with a conscious curriculum that empowers students to become artisans and teachers themselves, spreading conscious education like a ripple effect.



LaNd Based Design



Our collective knowledge equals thousands of hours of research and professional experience on the science, spirit, and practical application of regenerative agriculture. From a medicinal herb garden in an urban space, to sustainably managed food forests and natural building on dozens of acres, our agency of Earth craftspeople see designs of the natural world. Each consultation is unique to the space, and each space presents unique opportunities.

WE OFFER a pay-what-you-can Land Based Design Consultation (travel expense may be additional).



A greenhouse we built on a vacant lot in Philadelphia, in partnership with PhillyEarth. Kids learn how to build greenhouses and grow food. Ownership and hands on learning are invaluable.

After an assessment, we begin to formulate a design. A major cornerstone of our approach is designing the land in a way that results in abundance through minimal input and stacking functions. Each space is unique, and with an agency of Artizens in several fields, we can fascilitate projects from 200 square feet, to 200 acres.


  • Earth works, ponds, bioswales, and key line irrigation
  • Habitat design, cobb, Earthship style, Superadobe, geodesic domes, and hay bale
  • Agrarian infrastructure, chicken coops, greenhouses, zone systems, workshop space, preparation areas, composting
  • Restorative agriculture, annual and perennial garden design, herb spirals, food forests, permaculture guilds
  • Development of holistic education programs, hands on practicums and weekly lessons on food systems and local agriculture
  • Identifying land based revenue opportunities, resource assessment and observation of natural systems, and neighborhood/community needs can generate revenue



We are building relationships, as we connect with the Earth, with our community, and with the space, and so, training to take care of the land is important.

WE OFFER seasonal upkeep training, long term on-site stewardship, and land management.



Marysia Miernowska leading a group of students in natural healing and herbalism.

Part of the process of holistic design and looking at relationships is how things work with each other. Understanding dynamic patterns of nature, we can get a better picture of a deeper human experience.

WE OFFER workshops, classes, plant ID hikes, and program direction in Earth based learning.